LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

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We’ve all heard that we should avoid fatty foods. But research actually shows that we should eat fatty foods. That is, the healthy ones like olive oil to fight bad cholesterol.
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Patricia Kelikani (Host)
Health Journalist
What comes to mind when you think of the Mediterranean? Perhaps a pristine Italian coastline, or a dream vacation destination, or how about food? The Mediterranean diet has many health benefits that can lower our risk for heart disease.

Dr. Mark Reeves (Host)
Surgical Oncologist
It’s a sobering reality that one in every four deaths in America is a result of heart disease. One of the main risk factors is having high cholesterol.
Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance and when your body makes too much it can build up on the walls of your arteries. This build up restricts the amount of blood and oxygen carried throughout your body and can result in a stroke, heart attack or other forms of heart disease.

Patricia Kelikani (Host)
Eating a traditional Mediterranean diet lowers our risk for heart disease.

Dr. Ella Haddad
LLU Associate Professor of Nutrition
“The traditional Mediterranean diet is legumes and vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, olive oil instead of butter and other types of fat. Small amounts of dairy products and small amounts of meat.”

Patricia Kelikani (Host)
The Mediterranean diet has many health benefits because it contains high amounts of antioxidants, protein, and omega-3’s.

Dr. Mark Reeves (Host)
But you should shift from avoiding fats entirely to adding healthy fats into your diet that fight bad cholesterol.

Patricia Kelikani (Host)
To get the good unsaturated fats substitute olive oil, nuts and seeds, as well as avocadoes into your diet. You can use olive oil for salad dressings, stir-fry, make desserts or replace butter by dipping your bread in olive oil.

Dr. Ella Haddad
“The fats in olive oil are mostly monounsaturated, which help lower cholesterol.”

Dr. Mark Reeves (Host)
The second tip is eat more legumes like beans, lentils, and garbanzos. A Traditional Mediterranean food like hummus is made from garbanzo beans and oil from whole sesame seeds. Try adding hummus to your next sandwich or use it as a dip for pita bread, carrots sticks and other vegetables.

Patricia Kelikani (Host)
The third tip is to eat more nuts and seeds like almonds and walnuts. One thing you can try is, instead of having a candy dish on the table, fill it with almonds. This way as you and your family members walk by you’ll pick up a quick and healthy snack.
There’s your tip for the day on how you can live healthier, longer.

All health and health-related information contained in this program is general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a health care professional. Viewers should consult their health care providers concerning any medical condition or treatment.

LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Butter, LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet.

The Best Weight Loss Diet Prepare For You

One last note: Individuals differ in their nutritional requirements. You need to make certain to eat at least 70% veggies with all your meals. Even more, this kind of diet plan tablets tends to broaden the sexual capability of men.

LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet, Play trending high definition online streaming videos relevant with Mediterranean Diet Butter.

The Dukan Diet Strategy – Is It Right For You?

You can do a couple of things that will help motivate weight reduction. Workout is very important in any effort to reduce weight. These will ensure you are not bored which you don’t offer up on your healthy Diet Plan.

Selecting an online diet plan vs. those popular fad diet plans you see advertised ALL OVER will be very helpful in many ways. In this post here, I’m going to speak about 5 typical reasons why opting for an online plan vs. a crash diet not only will get you better outcomes, but likewise makes a HEAP more sense.

There are 4 17 day cycles to the plan. The first stage is called accelerate this is the most limiting part of the atkins diet example. You are needed to limit your carbohydrates. You will reduce weight in this stage encouraging you to continue into the 2nd stage.

The foods are normal so probably have almost everything currently – simply skim through the 11 Day Strategy, and inspect you do, which’s it. You’re all set for the next 11 days.

For keeping your body lean, strong,, and toned I would recommend a about vegetarian diet of mainly organic fruits, veggies,, and some organic meat (for protein). If you don’t eat meat I would recommend a high quality whey protein supplement that is taken right after you work out. Drink a lot of water, and if you sweat exceedingly while exercising take salt tablets.

So, what should you buy when you choose to eat a vegan diet 1200 calories? Initially, eat fresh, young veggies. They are more tender, and sweet, without the coarse texture. Buy your veggies at the farmers’ markets, where they are sold in baskets. Veggies in the grocery stores have actually been gathered when they are still green,, and synthetically ripened in boxes, utilizing chemicals. The same is real of fruits. It’s best to buy seasonal, locally grown fruit, as the unique fruit has probably been gathered early, and ripened in the box. Also, organic is better.

Adopt a physical fitness workout plan, and chalk out a routine. You can take the assistance of a personal physical fitness trainer while doing so. This is among the most crucial physical fitness suggestions. Your possibilities of succeeding in your physical fitness objective increase a tenfold if you follow a structured physical fitness routine or plan. Nowadays customizable physical fitness strategies are readily available online too.

In conclusion, a healthy diet plan involves comprehending you body’s needs with the assistance of a physician. Lastly, what truly matters is carrying out a healthy regimen of a healthy diet plan every day.

The very best kind of carbohydrates to eat throughout this duration are low GI carbohydrates. In order to remain healthy, you need to remain hydrated,, and 8 glasses of water every day is suggested.

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LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet
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