Mediterranean Diet and The Alkaline Diet

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Dr. Susan Brown discusses the similarities and minor differences between the components of the alkaline diet and the Mediterranean diet.

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hi everyone this is dr. Susan brown
director of the center for better bones
and today we’re going to talk about the
Mediterranean diet you all heard about
this diet well known for parts of Europe
and particularly Italy the data has been
collecting for years to show the really
nice benefits the nice health enhancing
benefits of the alkalyn of the
Mediterranean diet and what I’m going to
talk about today is that the
Mediterranean diet is very akin to our
alkyl 4life diet I’m going to show you
the principal components of each and
give you some suggestions of how you can
move your diet more towards a
Mediterranean and alkaline diet the
Mediterranean diet basically as this
chart depicts is lots of fruits and
vegetables nuts and seeds some beans
herbs and spices that’s the main part of
your diet then there’s some proteins in
the form of seafood fish there is also a
little bit of protein other sorts of
protein but much less it’s basically the
seafood in the fish that’s quite high
and of course the fish has many
anti-inflammatory benefits too it’s very
high quality protein and then poultry
eggs and cheese again more intense
proteins another tiny segment but the
basis is the fruits vegetables nuts and
seeds and herbs and they also mentioned
being physically active and enjoying the
meals and particularly enjoying the
meals with others we’re now seeing that
our environment our social connections
our happiness is very important to our
health we all know the Mediterranean
diet really likes wine and they find
that in moderation wine is helpful you
don’t have to include this and the truth
is you can get these benefits of these
fruit phenolic compounds other ways
outside of wine by eating the berries
and whatnot but wine is a part drinking
plenty of water and again we’re
suggesting six to eight glasses of water
a day and then of course the olive oil
is a very very important component of
the Mediterranean diet if you look at it
this way you see four servings of fruits
and vegetables
these are at least half cup servings
we’re gonna see in the Auckland diet we
actually like even up more than that one
serving of this concentrated proteins
fish poultry eggs red meat beans you
want to have adequate protein nuts or
seeds again one or two servings they
find terrific benefits walnuts almonds
cashews hazelnuts all very protective
particularly of the heart and very
anti-inflammatory and whole grains this
can be things like rice millet as well
as the more traditional grains that they
might have used in Italy the heart
healthy oil we’re going to talk about
these oils because olive oil is now
found to be very bone protective the
recommendation is to use three
tablespoons a day of a very high quality
extra virgin olive oil and this actually
has found to increase this bone protein
called osteocalcin so you can actually
stimulate new formation with olive oil
to the tune of about three tablespoons
in fact it’s been so highly studied that
supplements are making companies now of
this component of olive oil which is
called Olli appropriate and they’re
making that so if you don’t want to take
the oil you can just take the supplement
and get the bone building benefits but
that oil altogether has many healthy
benefits so least one maybe three maybe
even three tablespoons a day
particularly if you’re thin the nonfat
dairy is a great idea if you tolerate
dairy of course in Italy they probably
use cheese a lot this this all depends
on what you can tolerate we do know that
yogurt because of its probiotic and
because of its protein and because
calcium and other nutrients and it has
yogurt is very helpful for bone effects
studies suggest that people who consume
yogurt on a regular basis actually
fracture less and I’ve reported that in
some other blogs the water again the
recommendation is six to eight glasses
and a glass of red wine if you like so
this is the Mediterranean diet and what
has been found people who eat this diet
they recently did a study in Europe a
hundred and forty thousand people
and they classified them according to
the degree to which they followed this
typical Mediterranean diet and what they
found was that hip fracture rates were
significantly less and the people who
did this diet now that doesn’t mean that
the people who did this diet might have
been more physically active might have
been might have been doing more exercise
might have been happier but I think
there’s a lot of data that stacks up for
the Mediterranean diet not only really…

Mediterranean Diet and The Alkaline Diet

Mediterranean Diet Kit, Mediterranean Diet and The Alkaline Diet.

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Mediterranean Diet and The Alkaline Diet
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